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After its successful operation of cancer registries for the last 20 years, the government has taken the plunge to start a stroke registry at Bangalore — National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research, reports The Hindu.

According to Dr. A. Nanda Kumar, the Director of the Centre, registries for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes would be started in the future. Chronic diseases like cancer, stroke, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are growing at an alarming rate in India, and the number of people who either die or suffer from morbidity is quite high. Despite knowing that a number of people suffer from stroke, precise information on prevalence and incidence is lacking. The registry has been started with the sole intent of providing this vital information.

According to the news report, the Centre has two major objectives: “To generate reliable data on the magnitude and incidence of stroke, and to know the patterns of care in patients with stroke,” notes the NCDIR website. These objectives are expected to “generate researchable data bases and thereby lay a strong foundation for epidemiological, clinical and control research in stroke. This would be supplemented constantly and steadily.”

This data could be used to plan and implement future programmes on management, prevention, and rehabilitation and to monitor patterns of care for patients who have had a stroke, said a report in the British Medical Journal.

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