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Vidya Vardhaka Sangha, one of the oldest educational societies in Bijapur district of Karnataka, has taken a unique step in order to save petroleum products in light of decreasing value of rupee against the dollar.

The Sangha that has over 6,000 students and hundreds of staff members, have decided to use only bicycles and public transport for travelling for the month of September in order to save petrol, reports The Hindu.

The Sangha’s honorary secretary Prakash Udupikar told journalists that one of the primary reasons for the falling value of Indian rupee against the dollar was import of crude oil by India in the international market. He said the more people use petrol, the higher will be the expenditure of the State-exchequer on import of petroleum products.

“If people of India wish to save the Indian economy, they should decide to reduce the usage of petrol-driven vehicles. In this regard, the Sangha has taken oath from all 6,000 students to minimise their usage of vehicle for the next one month, and make use of bicycle for travelling,” Mr. Udupikar said.

He said that even the teachers have decided to largely depend on bicycles and public transport for travelling to the colleges. The Sangha has the history of contributing to the nation when it needed the public support during critical time, he said.

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