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Cancer survivors who stood up for themselves braving all odds shared their stories, breathing fresh life into the National Cancer Survivors Day 2013 event, organised by Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Institute (MGCHRI),  Visakhapatnam reports The Hindu.

It was more like a carnival where 500 cancer survivors with their family members and friends joined hands to share their moments of joy and sorrow at Port Kalavani Auditorium recently. Aiming to help remove the social stigma attached to cancer and to create awareness that it is a curable disease, the MGCHRI team have come up with the initiative. “A cancer patient can lead a meaningful life after his or her recovery. Detecting the disease early is the catch word. With advanced technology available in the city, one can get completely cured of cancer and lead a normal life,” explained managing director of MGCHRI and surgical oncologist Muralikrishna Voonna who has so far performed 4,500 major surgeries treating cancer since 2006.

By looking at P. Padma, an embodiment of strength, none would think that she had undergone chemotherapy eight times.

The woman from Vizianagaram says that will power and confidence made her survive breast cancer.

“No disease can touch you mentally until you allow that to happen. The moment I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was prepared that I should fight it out. No matter how much my family members were broken, not even once did I shed tears,” she explains.

She says that by removing her left breast, her feminine identity has not been compromised.

“Life doesn’t end when your infected breast is removed. In fact, you feel fresh to start a new life like a rebirth and support your family,” she says, flashing a broad smile.

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