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Josy Joseph’s Feast of Vultures

An award-winning journalist draws up on the stories of anonymous poor and famous Indians to weave together the challenges facing the nation.
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Mahasweta : Life And Legacy

Mahasweta Devi's ideas and writing will continue to be the guiding principle for generations of writers, activists, academics and journalists.
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World’s largest Wind Farm Planned at Fukushima

Japan has decided to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm to replace the crippled nuke plant at Fukushima, reports The Hindu.

The plant was destroyed in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The country plans to build a total of 143 wind turbines on platforms 16 kilometres off the coast of Fukushima by 2020. The wind farm will generate 1 gigawatt of power once completed, and is part of a national plan to increase renewable energy resources following the post-tsunami shutdown of the country’s 54 nuclear reactors. Only two have since come back on-line, the New Scientist reported.Read more...

Autistic Children Can Outgrow Symptoms

To a parent whose child has been diagnosed with Autism, there could no be no better news of hope – that the child will outgrow the symptoms over time reports Los Angeles Times.

What keeps the dream alive is that in rare cases it comes true. Several studies over the years have documented cases of children who have improved so much that they no longer meet the criteria for diagnosis or require extra support in school.Read more...

Renewable Energy to Power De-salination in Gulf

Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, is turning its attention to finding cost-effective ways to remove the salt from seawater, using renewable energy like solar power, The New York Times reports.

There is a huge need for desalination in the Gulf, the world’s driest region and home to a rapidly growing population.Read more...

Delhi Schools Introduce Lessons in Compassion

Several Delhi schools are including humane-education programmes in the curricula to teach students of primary sections to love and care for animals, reports The Hindu.

Conducted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Compassionate Citizen, the programme hopes to instill values of respect, kindness and compassion among the new generation.Read more...

Liquid Repellent Nano-coating Developed in UK

A British-based firm P2i has developed a "liquid repellent nano-coating" technology -- branded Aridion™ -- that can be sprayed onto a solid surface which can repel nearly all forms of liquid, reports CNN.

The polymer coating in question is a patented chemical that lowers an object's surface energy, causing liquid to form beads upon contact and roll off without being absorbed.Read more...

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