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"Kaizen" in Japanese stands for "change for better" and has been applied not just to business but to a variety of sectors including personal life for continuous improvement. The primary goals of Kaizen is to eliminate waste by increasing efficiency. Featured below are the 5S Kaizen principles which  provide a system, a way of doing things that eliminates waste and improves performance, productivity and satisfaction. It helps you to focus on the Now and build on your strengths.

Small teams can be strengthened through a sense of oneness, spirit of inter-dependence and strength derived from unity, says the American football coaching legend, Vince Lombardi. Photo courtesy:

    1. SEIRI - Sort, Clear Out

Can't find what you're looking for - drowning in stuff? Commit yourself to Seiri and declutter. Let go of all you no longer need, want or love. Make room, create space.
Turn your unwanted valuables into cash by selling them off. Less valuable stuff may still have value to others so why not donate what you can't sell to a local charity and keep it out of the landfill for a while longer.
You can also think of Seiri, as clearing out and decluttering your mind. Emptying your mind, centering and meditation are a great daily practice that cultivates inner calm and renewal. Once you've decluttered your space and your mind, you'll be able to see, move and breathe more easily.

    1. SEITON - Set Things in Order

Get organized. Put your space and life in order. A place for everything and everything in its place. You'll know everything you own, its purpose and its location. Imagine - no time lost in searching for things!
Seiton can be done in stages. Don't organize everything till you're clear on your direction and plan of action. Put the basics in place first.

    1. SEISO - Clean and Shine

Seiso builds spirit, pride and connection to your space and yourself. Consider your look and feel - your style. How's it working for you - are you getting the results you want?
Practicing Seiso helps increase your self awareness and awareness of your impact on others. Play with your style until you get the results you want.

    1. SIEKETSU - Standardize

The Sieketsu step sets standards for cleanliness or tidiness both on the environmental and personal fronts. Standardizing expectations makes them automatic and empowers all involved to monitor and make gentle adjustments, to maintain performance benchmarks. You can adjust the process based on the results you receive.

    1. SHITSUKU - Self Discipline

Shitsuku once achieved, results in behaviour change and achievement motivation. Self discipline and holding yourself personally accountable to practicing the 5Ss kaizen principles is what Shitsukuis all about.
Take some time and allow yourself to think about all you've achieved. Give it time to sink in.
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