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By Jeff Sanchez

For 107 hours, Portugal ran completely on renewable energy sources. Photo Courtesy:

We all know how environmental-friendly renewable energy sources are. Be it through hydro, wind, or solar; renewable energy has the capacity to provide power to an entire nation without being harmful to the planet like most energy sources, say for example fossil fuels.

After Portugal proved just how good this alternative energy truly is by running on it for four days straight, those who oppose on making use of renewable sources entirely should be convinced that going this route is the right way to go.

And yes, Portugal ran on alternative renewable energy sources for four days – 107 hours to be exact, from 6:45 AM on May 7 to 5:45 PM on May 11. According to the data analyzed by the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association, in cooperation with the ZERO-System Sustainable Land Association, the country’s energy use came from renewable clean energy during that period, showing how far they have come since starting this campaign to go green.

Three years ago, the country was merely generating 7.5 percent of electricity from wind energy. Last year, that number went up to as high as 22 percent after they added 550 MW of wind capacity between 2013 and 2016.

Environmentalists would be happy to know too that this milestone for renewable energy sources is also happening elsewhere. Germany for instance, has announced that they ran on alternative energy last May 15, turning power prices negative throughout the duration of the day. Denmark on the other hand, set a new world record after they harnessed 42 percent of their electricity through wind power.

Other countries that are also keen on the renewable energy movement include Iceland, Norway, Uruguay, and in particular Costa Rica, a country that powered its grid on 100 percent alternative energy for 285 days.


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