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15-year-old smashes 1,000 not out, creates world record

Pranav Dhanawade, a 15-year-old cricketer from Mumbai, has broken a world record by smashing 1,000 not out, by far the highest individual score in minor cricket, say media reports.

Dhanawade hit an unbelievable 129 boundaries and 59 sixes in his knock of 1002 not out.

Dhanawade had already reached the record early this month, smashing 652 off 199 balls while representing Smt KC Gandhi School, Kalyan, in the HT Bhandari Cup inter-school tournament.

Dhanawade broke a 117-year-old record, when he surpassed the score of 628* scored by Arthur Collins in 1899.

"I have always been a big-hitter," Dhanawade told the Hindustan Times on Monday. "When I started I never thought about breaking the record. The focus was never that. I just played my natural game, which is to attack from the word go.


Maharashtra top in investments

Maharashtra has toppled Gujarat as the most-sought after destination for global and domestic investors, revealed a report of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) published recently.

According to the report, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Odisha have emerged as the most lucrative investment destinations. They together account for over one-fourth (26.6%) of the total outstanding investments worth over Rs 154 lakh crore attracted by various sectors from both public and private sources across 21 states as of December 2014, which grew from Rs 105 lakh crore as of December 2009.

"With a share of about 10%, Maharashtra has ranked first attracting investments worth over Rs 15 lakh crore as of December 2014, closely followed by Gujarat (9.2% share). Odisha (7.5%), Karnataka (6.8%) and Tamil Nadu (6.5%) are the other states with a significant share in this regard," states the report titled 'A Comparative Analysis of Investment Pattern in States', compiled by the Assocham Economic Research Bureau (AERB).

Maharashtra tops in the real estate investment (21.2% of total) too. Secretary general of Assocham D S Rawat said, "Investment is the key driver of productivity and sustainability that leads to development and growth making most state governments to strive to better the investment climate prevailing in their respective states to make them conducive to attract domestic and foreign investors."

Oyo Rooms founder among Forbes' achievers under 30

Ritesh Agarwal, 22-year-old founder and CEO of Oyo Rooms, is among 45 Indians and Indian-origin people who have made it to Forbes' annual list of achievers under the age of 30 for "changing the rules of the game or creating entirely new playbooks" across varied fields.

The Forbes fifth annual '30 Under 30' list features 600 women and men, who are America's "most important young entrepreneurs, creative leaders and brightest stars" and are "changing the world" across 20 varied sectors such as consumer technology, education, media, manufacturing and industry, law and policy, social entrepreneurs, science and art and science.

"In the past, youth was a handicap to professional success. Getting older meant more resources, more knowledge, more money. No more. Those who grew up in the tech age have way bigger ambitions - perfectly suited to the dynamic, entrepreneurial and impatient digital world they grew up in. If you want to change the world, being under 30 is now an advantage," Forbes said.

Forbes has termed Agarwal's OYO Rooms as the Airbnb of India. "In a country that lacks a steady supply of budget hotel chains, Oyo has developed a network of 2,200 small hotels in 100 cities across India," Forbes said..


Asiatic lion jumps in Arabian sea, gets rescued

In a dramatic moment, an Asiatic lion from Gujarat’s Gir National Park which had wandered into the Arabian sea off the Indian coast was successfully rescued.

Reportedly, fishermen first saw the lion sitting on the edge of the rock on the beach when they were out in the morning for fishing. The news spread like wildfire and people started to gather around capturing the incident in their cameras.

The lion then looked back once, dived into the sea making a big slash and started swimming in the Arabian sea. Local people informed the forest department about the incident and officials successfully rescued the endangered animal after sedating it and later sent the body for medical examination in animal care centre.

When asked about how the lion reached on the ocean creek, forests officials said that the lion has strayed into the port area from nearby forest of Gir in Saurashtra region.

Guests bring home immunity-improving bacteria

Like having guests over? They may come with a host of unexpected visitors -millions of bacteria cells that could improve your immunity, scientists say.

According to researchers, every guest entering our homes emit 38 million bacterial cells an hour. Even if a guest walked into the kitchen and held their breath, they still would slough off 10 million bacterial cells in just 60 minutes through skin shed, said Jack A Gilbert, associate professor at University of Chicago.

"Nearly all of the germs graciously donated by our friends and family are not disgusting. They are probably good for us in many different ways," said Gilbert.

Gilbert said our over-sanitised environment may ultimately leave us weaker than our ancestors. Our constant hand washing -though it might prevent a nasty flu -might also keep us from developing immunities.

"We have done a really good job at keeping the bad bugs at bay , but we've failed at keeping in those that we need because we live an indoor, sedentary lifestyle," Gilbert said. Inviting friends and family to come around on a regular basis may help stimulate our immune systems, he said.

Source: PTI

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